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Phil Cooper

Phil Cooper

CEO of BedBug Central and Cooper Pest Solutions

Phil Cooper, CEO of Cooper Pest Solutions and BedBug Central, is a pest management industry leader who continues to transform the way customer service is delivered across the country.

Passion, dedication and drive are just a few words to describe Phil and his efforts in the industry and beyond. As author of the book, “What + How = WOW: A Customer Service Methodology” Phil transforms the way companies interact with their customers to deliver the best possible customer experience Phil works with companies across the country implementing the “WOW” process to take their customer service to the next level.

Rob DiJoseph

Rob DiJoseph

Vice President of Operations for BedBug Central

Robert DiJoseph, Vice President of Operations at BedBug Central, brings nearly a decade of experience as a business development consultant to the pest management industry. His background in marketing and outreach intersects several industries, spanning from hospitality to property management. Prior to becoming the VP of Operations, DiJoseph specialized in business development and market growth within the bed bug sector of the pest management industry, in addition to being a sales consultant to industries affected by bed bugs.

Crystal Giberson

Crystal Giberson

Director of Amazing Content

Writing has long been a passion for Crystal. Since she was a young girl, her face could always be found inside of a book or writing within her journals.  Phil Cooper, CEO of BedBug Central and Cooper Pest Solutions, describes her, “as one of his rock stars on his great team.” Her ability to take concepts and transform them into words, which build images in the reader’s mind, allows her to generate amazing content for BedBug Central.

From blogs to research papers and press releases to social media posts, Crystal enjoys the ability to change her writing styles on a day-to-day basis covering varying topics within the pest management industry.

Jeff White

Jeff White

Director of Innovation and Technical Content, M.S. at BedBug Central and Cooper Pest Solutions

Jeffrey White has a masters degree in entomology from the University of Florida and focuses the majority of his time and work to researching bed bug biology and behavior as well as evaluating tools and techniques for their control. White served as the driving force behind the development of various products that include the BlackOut Bed Bug Detector, SenSci Volcano Bed Bug Monitor and SenSci Activ Bed Bug Lure as well as developing bed bug management programs for residential and commercial properties.


Danny White

Danny White

National Account Manager for BedBug Central

Daniel White serves as sought after bed bug treatment consultant and account manager for BedBug Central. White has specialized in the complex issues surrounding the execution of bed bug treatments in office structures and commercial facilities for the past six years. His expertise in the dynamic and challenging practice of bed bug treatments was garnered under the training of nationally regarded entomologists Richard Cooper and Jeffrey White.

Rick Cooper

Rick Cooper

Entomologist and Technical Director for Cooper Pest Solutions

Richard Cooper, Technical Director for Cooper Pest Solutions, earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Entomology from the University of Delaware in 1986. Richard continued his education, receiving his Master’s Degree in Entomology at Rutgers University in 1991. He returned to Rutgers University in 2010 where he recently completed his PhD on the behavioral ecology and control of bed bugs in multifamily housing communities. In addition to his responsibilities at Cooper Pest Solutions, Richard maintains an appointment as Visiting Scientist in the Urban Entomology Lab at Rutgers University.

Richard regularly participates in national seminars focusing on the behavior, biology and control of insects, and is frequently
invited to speak at scientific and pest management industry meetings. Richard is the author of numerous articles in industry
trade journals and over 20 scientific publications in peer reviewed journals.

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