The History and Development of SenSci

Jeff WhiteAt SenSci, we’ve innovated the way bed bugs are being captured and detected. Jeffrey White, Director of Innovation at BedBug Central, created the SenSci Volcano to provide a versatile interception device that could be used in a variety of environments where traditional interception devices won’t work.

The discreet design and size of the SenSci Volcano allows for use in many settings, including offices and hospitality. The cutting-edge design also requires little maintenance and can be used in dust-prone locations without the worry of dust collection. The Volcano’s clear bottom also allows for quick and easy inspection by professionals, cutting down on labor time.

The SenSci Activ, which was developed by Rutgers University, is a bed bug lure that mimics the chemicals found on the surface of the skin to attract bed bugs. The Activ lure can attract up to twice as many bed bugs into an interception device, which can be ideal for environments where beds are not present such as office facilities.

When SenSci Volcano is used together with SenSci Activ, the combination creates a highly-effective and easy-to-use bed bug monitor that can attract up to twice as many bed bugs.

The World of Bed Bug Detection

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