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Effective residential bed bug monitoring is now a reality. SenSci’s ActivVolcano provides the pest industry with a discreet monitor that can detect twice as many bed bugs when utilized as part of a residential Bed Bug Monitoring Program. SenSci’s ActivVolcano can help uncover bed bugs early on in their introduction to a home, and allow pest management professionals to include bed bug monitoring as a cornerstone of a recurring business model.


A Revenue Stream for Residential Bed Bug Work

Residential Bed Bug Monitoring can be that key to profitability that you have been searching for. Adding a Bed Bug Monitoring Program to your service offering can both increase your recurring revenues AND increase the equity in your business.

Consider how the Recurring Revenue Model is a great turnkey model that is easily adaptable, however your general pest services are performed: outside in or inside out.

  • Bed Bug Assurance
    Free or discounted treatment for the homeowner as a part of general pest services
  • Education and Participation
    For the homeowner
  • Sensci – The Perfect tool
    Bed bug monitoring tools: SenSci Volcano Bed Bug Detectors and SenSci Activ Bed Bug Lure
  • Ongoing Bed Bug Monitoring
    Helps to detect bed bugs early, making remediation easier

Three Target Audiences for Revenue in the Residential Market:

 Currently Serviced Homes
Homeowners that want to add bed bug protection to their current services

Previously Treated Homes
Homeowners that want ongoing bed bug protection
New Homes
For homes not currently protected from bed bugs

How to Proactively Monitor in Office Settings

How to Reactively Monitor in Office Settings

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