SenSci Unveils the new SenSci Pyramid™ Pitfall Trap, SenSci ActivCR and the redesigned SenSci Volcano®





Lawrenceville, NJSenSci is excited to announce the launch of their new and redesigned products for 2021 including the SenSci Pyramid™ Pitfall Trap, SenSci ActivCR and redesigned SenSci Volcano®.

“We’re thrilled to bring another product to market and that we’re able to branch out beyond bed bug products with our new SenSci Pyramid Pitfall Trap,” said president, Robert DiJoseph. “In addition to the Pyramid, the new SenSci ActivCR delivers a more controlled release that fits seamlessly within the redesigned SenSci Volcano bottom.”

The SenSci Pyramid Pitfall Trap is a unique combination of a sticky trap and pitfall trap within one, easy-to-use device. Featuring a cardboard outside, slick laminate insides and a sticky “pit,” the device allows bed bugs and roaches to climb up the device and fall onto the glue.

Jeff White, Director of Innovation and Technical Content at SenSci explained that most typical sticky traps are not very effective on bed bugs which is why he wanted to develop the SenSci Pyramid.

“What we know is a lot of the industry prefers to use sticky traps and up until now, there hasn’t been a sticky trap designed specifically for bed bugs that has captured the industry’s attention,” he said. “So I wanted to create a product to fill that need which is how the SenSci Pyramid came about.”

White explained that the reason typical sticky traps don’t work for bed bugs is because the bugs will walk up to the glue, get stuck but then wiggle free and avoid the sticky trap.

“The way the SenSci Pyramid Pitfall Trap is different from traditional sticky traps is because the bed bugs will crawl up the rough cardboard surface, similar to the Volcano, then fall into the pit of the device right onto the glue,” White said. “By having the bugs fall onto the center of the glue they are unable to wiggle free from it.”

White went on state that although the SenSci Pyramid was specifically designed for bed bugs, it works well with other pests.

“The design of this device was specifically created for bed bugs but what our preliminary research has shown is that it works great for German cockroaches too,” he said. “The way it is designed should actually work great for any crawling insects, so we’re excited to continue our research and see exactly what pests this is really effective on.”

The SenSci Pyramid is expected to be released later this month but pest management professionals can sign-up early for a free 12-pack trial by filling out this form.

In addition to the SenSci Pyramid, the SenSci Activ™ bed bug lure received a new look and name for 2021. Featuring a new, bullet design developed by the experts at Insects Limited, the new SenSci ActivCR lure includes a new controlled release system that is easier to use and seamlessly fits into the new SenSci Volcano bottoms.

“By partnering with Insects Limited, we were able to put our lure into their bullet delivery system,” White said. “This allowed the ActivCR, which the ‘CR’ in the name means controlled release, a better delivery system that dramatically reduces the human error when using the product. No more tearing or ripping the package open.”

White explained that the partnership was a wonderful experience and is thoroughly pleased with the product that they have created together.

“Insects Limited has been a great partner during the entire process,” he said, “we were able to significantly improve the ease of using the Activ lure while still maintaining its effectiveness.”

White explained that the ActivCR vial will easily clip into the cavity of the new SenSci Volcano bottoms and can be removed by placing a pointed instrument into the opening of the side and pushing up.

“We’ve redesigned the SenSci Volcano to work seamlessly with the new bullet design of ActivCR,” he said. “You can easily pop the vial into the cavity of the Volcano and then use a pen, or something similar, to pop it back out when you’re ready to replace it.”

Additionally, the ActivCR lure can be used with the SenSci Pyramid by placing the lure in the middle of the glue to secure the vial.

Although the old bottoms of the SenSci Volcanos will not work with the new ActivCR, DiJoseph explained that for a limited time there will be a bottom replacement program for users to swap out their old Volcano bottoms for new ones rather than having to purchase entirely new SenSci Volcanos.

White explained that he is excited to finally see the products hit the market and looks forward to hearing the feedback on them.

“It’s been a long time getting to this point, but I am really happy to finally see the products hit the market,” White said. “We are excited to move forward with further research on the Pyramid as well as exploring other potential products that we’re looking to launch in the future.”

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