Get Ready to Redefine the Way You Imagine Virtual Training with SenSci University

Virtual training is becoming more prevalent in many industries, including pest control, however, the current webinar offerings just aren’t engaging enough for attendees. In response to this, BedBug Central decided to explore various platforms to find something unique, engaging and fully immersive for our changing industry and that’s how SenSci University was created.

Unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced before, SenSci University offers you the chance to interact with attendees, vendors and presenters alike. 

  • Create a completely customizable avatar (virtual character) to interact with at SenSci University

  • Explore SenSci University and all it has to offer without ever leaving your home or office

  • Walk through our fully-immersive, interactive campus featuring large auditoriums for conferences, board rooms for meetings as well as other campus offerings 

  • Take a seat at one of our offices offer for private conversations with attendees or instructors as well as our exclusive Vendor Consulting Area (VCA) for interaction with vendors

Join Us for Our Next SenSci University Event!

SenSci University Presents Bed Bugs & Termites








On January 30, 2020 SenSci University will be hosting its next event! From 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. EST experience the unique virtual campus with your favorite SenSci University speakers plus vendors!


The first 60 Registrants get exclusive access to the Vendor Consultation Area!


To register for the event, click the link below. 

When: Thursday, January 30, 2020

Where: Your Computer

Time: 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. EST

Registration Cost: $29.95 + processing fees

Interested in a Vendor Sponsorship? Email Danny White at:

SenSci University Event Agenda

  • Presentation from Sylvia Kenmuir of BASF on Termites
  • Sarah Latyn’s presentation will be on Bed Bugs in Affordable Housing 
  • Following the conclusion of the presentations, the FIRST 60 ATTENDEES will be able to spend 30 Minutes in the VCA interacting one-on-one with Vendors, presenters and fellow attendees.

SenSci University Featured Speaker – Sylvia Kenmuir

SenSci University’s featured guest speaker for January’s event is Sylvia Kenmuir of BASF. Sylvia’s presentation will focus on termites

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